Cell: The unit of Life

Cells are the most basic structural and functional unit of life. All organisms are composed of cells. The cell theory explains the formation of new cells from existing ones. The discovery of microscope helped in revealing the structural details of the cells.These details helped in the physico-chemical study and understanding of living organisms. The study of the internal structures of the cells explains the mechanism and functioning of different cells.


These video classes have been designed to suit the curriculum of CBSE Class 11 students and NEET. These classes will be helpful in preparing the students for their board examinations as well as other competitive exams.


Pushpendu Mondal has completed his Bachelors in Microbiology Honours form St. Xavier's College, Kolkata and completed his Masters from IIT Bombay in Biotechnology. He has a lot of core research experience and is also an Indian Academy Of Science Research Fellow. He is a very passionate teacher and has a teaching experience of 5+ years. He has previously worked for many education companies like Avanti Learning Centers, Samartha Educare LLP, XSEED and is experienced in preparing students for various Medical Entrance Examinations.