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Questions and Answers

Answer : D


Hbase is a versatile data base which can handle both unstructured and structured data.

Q 2 - When a compaction operates over all HFiles in a column family in a given region, it is called

A - Major compaction

B - Family compaction

C - Final compaction

D - Full Compaction

Answer : A


IN a Major compaction all the HFIles of a column family for a given region are acted upon.

Q 3 - Filters in Hbase can be applied to

A - Rowkeys

B - Column qualifiers

C - Data values

D - All of the above

Answer : D


Filetrs can be applied to rowkeys,column qualifiers and data values.

Q 4 - The two tables which are used to find where regions of various tables are hosted are

A - Regiontab and Metatab

B - Regionbase and Metabase

C - –ROOT- and .META.

D - –ROOT- and .REGION.

Answer : C


The –ROOT_ and >META> table hold the data to find the location of regions.

Q 5 - When a map tasks in a mapreduce job reads from the Hbase table, it reads from

A - One row

B - One column family

C - One column

D - One region

Answer : D


Each map tasks reading a Hbase table reads from a region.

Answer : C


In pseudo-distributed mode Hbase can run on either local file system or HDFS but not both.

Answer : B


The command keeps a maximum of 5 versions of all columns in column family f1.

Q 8 - The type of coprocessors which are similar to the stored procedures in relational database is

A - Store coprocessor

B - Parallel coprocessor

C - Observer

D - Endpoint

Answer : D


The Endpoint type of coprocessor is similar to the data abse store dprocedure in relational systems.

Q 9 - What is part of the directory name where Hbase data is stored?

A - Table name

B - Column qualifier

C - Column family

D - HFile

Answer : C


The column family is part of the directory name where the Hbase data is stored. It must be made up of printable characters.

Q 10 - The exported data using the inbuilt export utility from Hbase table is in which file format

A - Binaryfiles

B - Csv files

C - Sequence files

D - CRF files

Answer : C


The data exported from Hbase table using the inbuilt export utility is in sequence file format.